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Even the fact of not be able to see you in other way that in my dreams makes me love you more than what i could support.

You may think this is about you but is not is about me, is about how much i´ve been waiting, about how much i wish touch you, be with you, tell you with no fears with no more than my soul , all those dreams that i had dreamed, all those kisses that i had gave you everytime that i closed my eyes, tell you that everytime you´re gone i am not living my life.

This life wich is nothing if i can´t see you at least runing away from me, if i can´t hear your voice. It doesn´t matter if you don´t love me, all that i need is love you, all that i need for living is you alive, so please even if you don´t love me never stop loving you, because you deserve it.